Kenya High Court Judges that Somali Embassy Building Belongs to Somalia court in the past judged so but those people appealed. A couple who are called Sulaiman
Rahmetullah and Zarina Sulaiman claimed that they bought the building from the
former Somali ambassador in Kenya Mr. Ahmed Sheikh Mohamud in 1995 with an
amount of Ksh15 million.


After the couple bought the building, former embassy officials namely Musa Hersi Faahiye and Muhammed
Omar together with the Somali government made an effort to restore the
property. They informed the court that a diplomat has no authority to sell the
embassy building whatsoever.


Eventually, three judges of the court who listened to the case issued the final judgement that
the building belongs to the Somali government. In 1972, the Somali Government
at the time bought the building from Pakistani business people namely Herbans
Singh and Kamal Prakash.