Kenya Defense Forces May Have Killed Al-Shabaab Spokesman, Ali Dheere – Intelligence reports from Strategic Intelligence Resources in Somalia hint Kenya Defense Forces have killed Al-Shabaab spokesman Sheikh Ali Dheeere.If Al-Dheere is dead, then this is worst and most lethal blow to the Al-Shabaab leadership.He was not only their spokesperson, but a key player in the command chain of the militants. 

Kenya Defense Forces have been carrying out preemptive airstrikes and commando raids in Somalia targeting Al-Shabaab bases and leadership.The killing of Al-Dheere is the most lethal blow to Al-Shabaab leadership.It shows Kenya forces can anytime infiltrate and kill the top leadership of the militant-terror group that has destabilized Somalia.In the past two months, Kenya Defense Forces have successfully destroyed bases, killed hundreds of militants, and pushed the terror network out of its key forward bases.Ali Dheere has been on the wanted list of terror operatives.source