Kenya and Somalia Due to Sign an Agreement on Refugees in Mogadishu

An agreement on the Somali refugees in Kenya is due to be signed in Mogadishu by the government of Somalia, the government of Kenya and UNHCR soon.

The Somali ambassador to Kenya Mohamed Ali America asserted that a tripartite
agreement will soon be signed in Mogadishu. He also said that there will be
more agreements on security issues too.


The ambassador also confirmed that
Kenya and Somalia agreed upon many other issues. The ambassador also said that Kenya will open its embassy officially in Mogadishu. He said the launch of the Kenyan embassy  in Mogadishu will be attended by senior Kenyan government officials led by the  Deputy President and the Kenyan Foreign Affairs Minister.  more on

On the other hand, Prime Minister Abdiwali visited Nairobi and met Kenyan leaders
there. Also, he signed the ACP agreement which Somalia became a signatory 25
years later.