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Kashmir is under attack

By Tariq A. Al-Maeena —THE

current Indian government has acted swiftly and against all international norms, beginning with the use of cluster bombs against the civilian population of Kashmir, and has followed it by an invasion of 10,000 more troops to bolster the existing ones there.

To protect itself from censure and prevent ground realities from escaping the killing zones, it has cut off all internet and other means of communication in the region. It has also unilaterally abrogated decades-long agreements that were in place to ensure that the Kashmiris would one day have their say on self-determination.

This vicious attack by the Modi government, which has increasingly been exposed for its radical and extremist Hindutva approach to make India a place for Hindus, is alarming, not just for the minorities who live in the country but for the entire region.

Their next-door neighbor, Pakistan has not been amused by the recent activity. In fact, it was the Pakistani PM’s call on the US President Trump to mediate and solve the Kashmiri issue diplomatically that set off the right-wing Indian government to hasten its illegal annexation of a region that had been protected under many UN resolutions.

Back in 1948, the UN Security Council approved a resolution,

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