Somalia:Jubba leader seek forgiveness as reconciliation conference open in Mogadishu

two leaders

<>05/11/2013( The conference has started yesterday in Somali capital Mogadishu after it has been postponed few times. The current jubu leader has fought with the most community leaders who opposesed his leader ship and subsequently won the war after Kenya army publicly sided with him.
This conference is a part of an agreement between the central government of Somalia and the Jubba regional administration and Somali federal government with mediation of East African leaders and is intended to reconcile the communities in Jubba regions. Mr. Ahamed Islam madobe has made a passionate speech this morning requesting the delegate ‘ to put the past behind them,. He said war is ugly thing and I have made many bad things so some of you thus I am asking you let us forgive each other and to join hands and go back to kismanyo and work for benefit of our people.

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