Jigjiga: Regional administration tights security, fears Alshabaab Target

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By Mohamed Faarah

Jigjiga (Ogadentoday Press) – locals in Jigjiga, The Ogaden Somali Regional
state in eastern Ethiopia expresses fears after the Regional paramilitary

Ogadentoday Press on the phone.

According to the residents, the police targets houses in the midnight,
breaks door and jumps at the walls, people are terrorized, sometimes are
beaten, say an old woman who refuses to be published her name for the
security reasons.

A political analyst based in Jigjiga informed Ogadentoday Press that the
regional administration fears Alshabab, Somalia Islamist group who
threatened neighboring countries, meanwhile he added that they fear also
Ogaden National Liberation Front, ONLF, a rebel group fighting for the
self-determination of Ogaden Region to attack but their primary concern is

suicide, and Jigjiga, The Regional Capital is hosting Ethiopian Nations,
and Nationals Day in next month, says the Analyst.

Jigjiga Local elders accuse the administration for terrorizing civilians
and The Regional President, Abdi Mahamod Omar has met them on yesterday.

According to sources, the regional police have arrested several people for
listening Islamic preaches and Quran, they suspected having links with

Faallo, a Somalia website close to the regional administration has reported

figure who is believed to be sympathy for Alshabaab. He issued Fatwa, an
Islamic legal pronouncement, issued by an expert in religious law (mufti).

Regional police patrols in the street at night, arrests everyone who is
unknown, Jigjiga a Capital city of Somali Ogaden regional is believed to be
link of Somalia and Ethiopia Capital Addis Ababa.

Many strangers are at stuck in the hotels until morning to leave.

Military and police gathered former Islamist Group, Altihad Al-Islami,
known in the region, United Western Somali Liberation Fronts, (UWSLF); the
group knows well about Alshabab and their plans, they have been fighting at
one line in Somalia during Ethiopia invasion in 2006, they left in 2010 and
signed agreement with Ethiopia, leaders of the group originated Ogaden
region in Ethiopia in 1991 and went to Somali in 1995 after Ethiopia fought
in Ogaden.

They are now providing advices and plans of how to defeat prevent Alshabab
suicides despite some are still hardliners and they believe to take over
the Regional administration.

Local residents are now blaming their role of terrorizing people and giving
government for bad advises, says the analyst.

Ogaden Region has been under political instability since 1994, After ONLF,
Ogaden National Liberation Front waged a war against Ethiopia government,

and the rest are weakened.

In return, the group said several times, that they are strong and attacked
some military locations, locals believe in ONLF still alive and fighting.

Human Right organizations accuse Ethiopia government abuses in Ogaden and
Ethiopia has categorically denied these accusations.

Since 2005, Ethiopia government isolated Ogaden region from the World,
Ethiopia imposed a ban all international aid and media organizations in
Ogaden despite some are operating under the permit of intelligence

ONLF, Ogaden National Liberation Front is fighting for the
self-determination of Ogaden Region since 1994.

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