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Jaal Marroo says Abey lost control in Oromia

Jaal Marroo anounced victory is near for Oromo people under Ethiopian colonial occupation. The Oromo leader said the hybrid Gobana Abiot has no control in Oromia. Many government soldiers are joining the liberation army and victory is near.

Jaal Marro say Abey is immature and did not deserve Nobel award. “Those of us in the jungle are much smarter than the fake Oromo hiding in Finfinnee and the obese computer soldier. We don’t need to wait until September 30 to remove Abiot and we don’t need a fake election.”

Jaal Marro asked Oromo people unity and not be distracted.

“Oromo people do not care about habesha Oromo and his Nobel award. We sacrificed our life and blood to Oromo nation for many years, when cowards abandoned our people. Oromo Liberation Army will soon have the power to decide on the fate of Ethiopia, whether it should disintegrate or continue.”

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