Italy says France had "never stopped colonising tens of African states" — somalia, World News and Opinion.
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Italy says France had “never stopped colonising tens of African states”

BBC published article that say” On Sunday, Luigi di Maio called on the European Union to impose sanctions on France for its policies in Africa.

He said France had “never stopped colonising tens of African states”.

Italy’s populist leadership has repeatedly clashed with France in recent months, on issues such as migration, protests and culture.

Why are these neighbours arguing?

Ever since Italy’s Five Star and League parties came to power in June 2018 relations have been tense.

Much of the tension has been about migration. The two countries have argued over France sending back migrants across Italy’s northern border.

When France criticised Italy for not allowing rescue boats carrying migrants in the Mediterranean to dock , Italy responded by accusing France itself of refusing to accept migrants.

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