Italian Embassy reopens in Tripoli

ROME, Italy, January 10, 2017/APO/ —
“After two years, Italy will again become operational in Libya with an ambassador scheduled to present letters of credence to the local government tomorrow. The reopening of the embassy in Tripoli is a very important sign of friendship with the Libyan people, all the Libyan people, and is also a strong sign of confidence in the Country’s stabilisation process. The ambassador-designate is one of the most knowledgeable people of the Mediterranean region and its political issues: this is why he was chosen.
We are working to achieve tangible results in combating illegal immigration and human trafficking and in controlling the migrant transit points on the southern border between Libya and Niger. Compatibly with assuring security conditions, we also aim to improve trade between our two Countries, strengthen connections between Italian and Libyan businesses and promote investment opportunities, also with a view to renewing the drilling infrastructure and the bilateral cooperation in the field of renewable energy sources and unconventional hydrocarbons.”

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