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ISIS claims to have inflicted casualties on 7 bomb experts in Somali capital

MOGADISHU, Somalia – The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant group (ISIL, also known as ISIS) has claimed to have inflicted casualties on 7 Somali bomb experts in the capital of Mogadishu.

The group says it had inflicted devastating loss of life of 7 explosive experts after exploding improvised explosive devices (IEDs) at Bakara junction in Mogadishu.

“We are responsible for inflicting casualties on 7 Somali bomb experts while trying to defuse two IEDs planted at Bakara crossroad”, the group claimed through its website.

Earlier on Monday, Somali police said Mogadishu’s bomb squads found two IEDs at Bakara junction, succeeding to defuse and dismantle them.

The police said no one was killed or injured during the operation.

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