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Somaliland safe haven of Al-shabab

Is this group acting on behalf of the United Nations?  Are their actions and reports intended to truly correct the so called mistakes done by persons co-operating with the present regime in Somalia?

It is far from logic and practically unacceptable that the President and his advisers are diverting arms to Al-Shabab. and the person accused for high treason is a self-made man of certain reputation as a businessman who never dealt with arms…since it is not his line of business as this kind of business needs military background or at least considerable knowledge of this market which is more profitable nowadays than the petrol.  What makes this assertion baseless is that Musa Ganjab is not one of the President’s men but he shares with him same sub-clan, is that considered a crime?!!. If Jarat Chopra is not cheap quality and an unreliable person, who is heading a group of highly corrupted spoilers, he would have seen what everybody is witnessing that Ethiopia is the main supplier of arms to Al-Shabab.

But since the group have only eye, focused on Somali government  for a particular reason, they cannot see what’s happening in Somaliland where the Shabab fugitives are enjoying protection and safe haven.Hence after their protector Ethiopia secured safe passage to Berbera by sea from Barawe and Adale and through Ethiopian occupied Somali territories to Hargeysa…as detailed in the article SOMALILAND: SAFE HAVEN OF AL-SHABAB!!!.

Can anyone guess the real intention and the timing behind these baseless accusations?  It is the campaign embraced by the Somali authority whom recently started negotiations with oil exploration companies. This will enhance the international conspiracy that involves many powerful countries, especially in the Gulf, who feel threatened by exploration of petrol in Somalia.  They will use all available means to disrupt this process that might endanger their underground petroleum reserve as predicted by the experts.

Mr.Chopra and partners are not aware that al-Shabab will never disclose their highly complicated and confidential sources of their finance nor they make contacts whatsoever with their supporters so that not to compromise their identity.  The only evidence that incriminate Ganjab is a dubious email message of some years back which cannot be presented as tangible evidence of involvement on Shabab’s business.  Can the so-called Monitoring Group give an acceptable answer why Musa Ganjab has to assist al-Shabab? What  wpuld be his expectation or get from Shabab in exchange?

For your information Shabab does not need any ambulance or other kind of vehicles from anyone since they are driving the latest models of Toyota pick-ups mounted with heavy machineguns.  Is mr. Chopra ever asked himself from where they are getting the considerably high cost of the war their warlike militia are conducting in many parts of Somalia?

What makes the Groups’ report unsustainable is their assertion that President Hassan Sheikh is “diverting” arms to Shabab so they can kill him and his family along with the his bodyguards. This kind of investigation and reporting makes the Monitoring Group along with their employer United Nations unreliable!!!

This man have reached the highest position of his country as President, position that many of his critics tremendously failed to achieve…so do any intelligent person think that he will one day join al-Shabab after he realized the dream of every Somali to become President.

The so called International community and the United Nations are not ready to help Somalia to become a stable country since they are calling us a failed state.  Are they seriously thinking to assist Somalia become acceptable according to their foreseen future plan which is solely intended to keep us perpetuate as failed state under the indirect occupation of IGAD/AMISOM!!. They will never recognize our sovereignty and the right to rule ourselves. We are not free to select our friends or who can be our reliable ally.

We cannot plan our future development programs. We do hereby ask the Somali government, if any, to ask the Security Council not to appoint or renew assignment to any member of current Monitoring Group in future tasks because of their lack of credibility in all over the globe.  We are ready to prove, if needed, that Ethiopia is the main supporter and supplier of arms along with other military materials to al-Shabab in the region.

Strange enough the American assertion that Shabab will carry an attack in Ethiopia is misinformation intended to cover the Ethiopian involvement of the Somali desolation. We will call our people to wake-up from this long lethargy, look and closely follow this rapid developing events that will badly harm, in the long run, our stability as  an independent nation.

Ahmed Alasso

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