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Interior Minister given vote of confidence by MPs 

Today, Members of Parliament comprehensively debated on the motion to give the Minister of Interior & Federalism a vote of confidence. A motion was recently brought forward by opposition legislators calling on the Speaker of Parliament to allow them to review Abdullahi Godax Barre’s title as Interior Minister.

The Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Sheikh Osman (Jawari), chaired the ordinary session in which 144 parliamentarians were present this morning at the National Assembly in Mogadishu. 115 MPs voted for the parliament to give him a vote of confidence, and 18 voted in opposition of the confidence vote. A further 11 legislators abstained and refused to cast their vote.

At the end of the heated-debate, Speaker Jawari announced the results and Abdullahi Godax Barre was given the vote of confidence after being backed by majority of MPs at the session. The Interior Minister later welcomed the decision and thanked the parliament for their continued support. He noted that the Ministry of Interior & Federalism will liaise with the parliament (specifically the Interior & Federalism committee) when he decides to appoint administrators for district and regions in Somalia.

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