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IMAGINE: Somalia Under IGAD Trusteeship in 2016 Mohamed Osman Omar
Saturday, January 18, 2014

MOGADISHU – “Halane Camp: No Go Zone”

Midnight, 16 Sept. 2016 – The story you read is partially fact and partially fiction about what would happen at the end of the tenure of the present Federal Administration and the term of office of the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia and if the promised election fails to take place in September 2016.

One can say it is difficult to imagine that.

But take one thing for granted. The covert plan by the African Union, supported by the United Nations and the International Community is ready for implementation. The signs are that the African Union, supported by the International Community will not remain idle and let Somalia fall in a vacuum in case the present Federal Government fails to organise free and fair elections in 2016: A perfect pretext to execute a well planned takeover.

Back for four more years of “Transitional” government, will not happen as that has been replaced by “a Permanent” government whose mandate is to end by 2016, the date that the tenure of the Federal Government will also end.

Well, so far there is no speculation of what is going to happen in case of vacuum of authority. However, by the way the AU is speeding up boosting of its military and civilian presence in Somalia gives the impression that such a large number of military personnel and equipment are intended to be deployed by the Organisation in Plans yet to be revealed rather than in protecting the government from opposition attacks.

The African Union and the neighbours of Somalia, especially those with which Somalia has territorial disputes, will have a lot to celebrate for the success of their campaign to combat against the Somali quest to regain its missing territories in the Horn of Africa.

The Somalis are now more likely not to talk about the “unity and territorial integrity” of their country. They are now more inward looking and tribal affiliation has become more important than unity among the Somalis.

Somalis do not realise that they are losing everything including independence and sovereignty. Following are the factors that caused the Somalis to lose their sense of patriotism: “Tribalism and Greed”

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