IDP Lives Transformed in Abudwak, Somalia happier times the fertile red soil of Galgadud State in Somalia afforded opportunity to grow an extensive range of produce, as well as providing grazing for some of the country’s many pastoralists. Civil War and drought have wreaked havoc and caused untold suffering, especially among Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), many of whom had fled Mogadishu and its surrounding areas in search of safety. Whilst accurate figures are hard to come by, it has been calculated that there are circa 2.6 million IDPs in Somalia, many of whom live in dire poverty. As war has washed over Somalia and other parts of the Horn of Africa IDPs have become like a human flotsam and jetsam that are routinely ignored or overlooked. For those families and individuals who settled in Abudwak in the northwest of Galgadud circumstances have been grim and often seemingly without hope, that is until the Somali Relief Fund (SRF) and a British NGO called the Horn of Africa People’s Aid Northern Ireland (HAPANI) set about their transformative humanitarian work.

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