I was gang raped, and was too embarrassed, says Guyanese Gina Miller

Guyana-born Gina Miller, considered to be the most powerful Guyanese woman in England, and one of the most influential women in the UK, has made a startling revelation a few hours ago; – one that highlights how much she had endured in her past to reach where she is today.

In an interview with the UK’s Mail on Sunday – You Magazine, Ms. Miller, a Guyanese-born mother of three children revealed that when she was much younger and was not yet a mother, a gang of men had attacked her while she was walking home one night from the University of East London, where she was studying.

Ms. Miller says that during the attack she was sexually assaulted by the men, but was too embarrassed and scared to report the matter to the police or go to the hospital.

Instead, she went home and locked herself away in a room for several days, which later turned into weeks.

It remains unclear as to whether British police will now look into the matter, which she has highlighted in her upcoming book.

Now a wealthy businesswoman and a philanthropist, Ms. Miller who is of mixed race, having born to Indo-Guyanese and Afro-Guyanese parents, says she had subsequently endured episodes of abuse by her former husband Jon Maguire, from whom she is divorced.

“It took me a long time to trust men again,” she said.

Nonetheless, she subsequently met her current husband Allan and married again in 2003, and was able to find normalcy in her life.

Today she is blessed with money – lots of it, in addition to homes in England and France.

But even so, Ms. Miller now uses her wealth to help fight issues that are affecting women, the underprivileged and the abused.Read more Guyana Guardian

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