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How should Beijing respond to Pyongyang’s new nuclear test?–North Korea conducted a new nuclear test at noon on Sunday. China’s Foreign Ministry firmly opposed and condemned the move.


The test marks another wrong choice that Pyongyang has made in violation of UN Security Council resolutions and against the will of the international community. This test will result in a new round of escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula and heighten the risk of the situation spiraling out of control due to possible miscalculations by all sides.


Currently, the most important thing for China is to make sure that we are able to detect any leak of nuclear material, so we can inform people living in northeastern China to take the appropriate safety measures.


People in China’s northeastern regions bordering North Korea felt the ground shake at noon. The five nuclear tests North Korea had previously conducted did not cause a nuclear leak and Pyongyang claimed that its latest underground nuclear test would not generate any leaks, while underlining its responsibility for the safety of the North Korean people who live close to the test site. In this respect, we hope North Korea can uphold its word.


The latest nuclear test and its recent launches of intermediate- and long-range ballistic missiles prove that Pyongyang is determined to obtain a nuclear strike capability and will not yield to external international pressures. The North Korean nuclear issue has now reached deadlock.

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