Hormuud Telecom accused of of listening its customers’ mobile conversations

LONDON (Mareeg) -This article was first published on 14-04- 2009–Some people who use the mobile services of Hormuud Telecom, one of the largest telecommunication companies in Somalia, have accused the company of listening its customers.

Hormuud provides the best telecommunication services in Somalia and its staff are well-paid, but the problem is that the people who use the service are complaining about that they are not free to talk.

One typical example, al-Shabab militants who control the port town of Kismayu in south Somalia killed a Somali politician Abdirahman Haji Waldire accusing of him that he was an apostate.

Sources said Al-Shabab listened Waldire’s mobile conversation through the system of the company while he was talking to Barre Hirale, a warlord that was ousted from Kismayu by the Shabab and its allies.

So the question is that why the company is providing the service if it can not guarantee the safety of its customers?

Since Waldire was killed in January 2009, more people started to stop using the service of Hormuud Telecom in fear of that al-shabab might listen to their conversation and than be in jeopardy of murdering like Waldire.

An article relating to this matter was aslo published Foreign Policy magazine, saying these days, after decades of military dictatorship, failed foreign escapades, civil war, and armed insurgency, there’s not even adequate funding for essentials like radios and protective gear.

The SNA’s soldiers use their mobile phones—easily tapped by Hormuud Telecom, which has a sizable market share and plenty of al-Shabab influence—to communicate when fighting. Many operate in flip-flops.

However, Hormuud Telecom has denied all allegations.


By: Farah Ahmed Mohamed