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Hirshabelle Regional State Appeals Humanitarian Assistance in particularly Water supply

Hirshabelle Regional State Appeals Humanitarian Assistance in particularly Water supply
Despite Somalia is currently a federal republic consisting of six states divided into eighteen administrative regions which in turn are subdivided into districts. Hirshabelle (also spelt HirShabelle), officially Hirshabelle State, is an autonomous region in south-central Somalia. It is bordered by Galmudug to the north, South West State of Somalia and Banadir region to the south, Ethiopia to the west and Indian Ocean to the east. Hirshabelle consists of the Hiran and Middle Shabelle regions and is one of the richest regional states in Somalia with agriculture pastoralism economically.
Mohamed Abdi Ware, an agriculturalist has been elected new president of HirShabelle state in a hotly contested poll which culminated into his win in the third round after garnering 75 votes out of the possible 97.
Obviously, Thanks to generous resources provided by donors, national NGOs, international NGOs and UN agencies are massively scaling up the humanitarian response throughout the country in coordination with authorities. The number of people reached with improved access to food has been increased to 1.7 million people, up by 60 per cent from 1.2 million people reached in February. The most significant scale-up took place in priority areas of Hirshabelle, Galmudug and Southwest regional States in Somalia.
Somalia’s youngest regional state, Hirshabelle is delivering food to the needy families in several villages in Somalia’s central region, Hiraan. Trucks carrying the foodstuff which estimated that 180,000 people in Hiiraan region are at risk of starvation due to food insecurity.
Trucks carrying the foodstuff which set off from Beletweyn district have reach Mahas town amid many parts of the region is facing severe drought that displaced hundreds of people from their homes. The monitored a lot but our regional leaders they have increased efforts to save lives and livelihoods in the areas hardest hit by the drought in Hiraan region.This foodstuff includes sugar, rice, flour and cooking oil.

The most affected areas are locations in Bulo Burto, Jalalaqsi and Belet Weyne, all of which have received no rainfall in the past two seasons.
The communities of Hirshabelle regional State are suffering from a severe crisis in the water, where the majority of people in the villages and cities do not have access to water. And in generally Somalia is among the African countries most affected by the water in spite of the sing in the stocks of water.
Proceeding from this Hirshabelle state has given great importance in this area to ensure water for tens of thousands of thirsty populations and their livestock. However, we are kindly appealing Water supply by public utilities not commercial means due to our community endeavors via a system of pumps and pipes. Irrigation is also imperative to cover separately.
Many thanks for your kind response.!!

Mr. Abdisatar ALi hersi Amalow

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