Somalia:Highlights Federal Government Activities in the past week

Mogadishu,  – HE the Minister of Information, Mohamed Abdi Hayir ‘Mareye,’ briefed the media on the development and security activities of the Federal Government of Somalia in past week.

The Minister highlighted the progress that has taken place in the past week including: Parliamentary Election process entered its final phase; Immigration Agency operationalized its plan for offices on Somalia’s borders; Supreme Court instituted a new court system in Jubbaland; HE the President of Somali opened Technical Training Faculty at the Somali National University; the National Development Plan expanded into the regions; Somali National Army (SNA) retook locations in Middle Shabelle; National Security & Intelligence Agency (NISA) seizes al-Shabaab explosives in Hiiraan; Government, AMISOM facilitated clan dispute resolution in Hiiraan; Somali security forces intercepted a carbomb in Mogadishu; and Danab commandos killed 7 al-Shabaab fighters in Lower Shabelle
Parliamentary Election Process Enters Final Phase

On November 30th 2016, the Election Process commenced in Mogadishu for Somaliland and Banadiir regions. HE the Deputy Speaker of the Somali Parliament, Mahad Abdalla Awad, was the first person to be elected in Mogadishu and the remainder are expected to be elected in the coming days with a total of 275 members being elected to the Lower House.
The electoral process will conclude with both the Lower and Upper Houses of Parliament will electing the President of Somalia in a ballot at the end of this year.

Immigration Agency Operationalizes Plan for Offices on Somalia’s Borders

The Somali Immigration Agency has started establishing offices on the borders of Somalia to control entry and exit to the country.
The Commandant of the Immigration Agency, Colonel Koofi, noted that his staff are undergoing rigorous training to ensure they can operate effectively, monitoring the movements of Somali nationals as well as foreigners and preventing human trafficking.

Supreme Court Insitutes New Court System in Jubbaland

The Chairman of the Supreme Court of Somalia, Ibrahim Idle Saleban, and the Attorney General, Dr Ahmed Ali Dahir, recently visited Kismayo, the capital of Jubbaland state,
The Supreme Court Chairman and the Attorney General met with representatives of the Jubbaland Courts Authority from both regional and district levels and confirmed that they will begin the process of implementing the new courts system in Jubbaland before progressing to the other Regional states.

HE the President of Somali Opens Technical Training Faculty at Somali National University

On November 26th 2016, HE the President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, has officially opened the Technical Training Faculty of the Somali National University in Mogadishu, an institution that he himself attended as a student and where he subsequently lectured and developed his commitment to education.
Speaking to the staff and students of the Somali National University, HE the President noted the importance of scholarships and internships in developing practical, marketable skills, as well as the need for high standards and everyone’s responsibility to give back something to the institution.
HE the President continued: “In this period of recovery, our nation needs technologically skilled people to make Somalia modern. I thank the various institutions, local and international, that are supporting the Somali National Unviersity to make this happen.”

National Development Plan (NDP) Expands into the Regions

On November 28th 2016, HE the Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia, Mohamed Omar Arte, chaired the consultative meeting of Federal Government of Somalia and the Regional State Administrations on the implementation of the National Development Plan (NDP).
HE the Deputy Prime Minister noted the significance of the consultation in establishing the goals of the NDP at the Regional State level and offered his thanks in particular to HE the Minister of Planning & International Development for his Ministry’s support to the plan and the Regional Planning Ministers for their participation. The meeting agreed on the adoption of the slogan, ‘National-Led, National-Owned’ for the implantation of the NDP.

SNA Retakes Locations in Middle Shabelle

The Somali National Army (SNA), supported by AMISOM forces, have overrun various locations in Mahaday in Middle Shabelle region, where small units of al-Shabaab terrorists had been harassing the local population for money.

National Security & Intelligence Agency (NISA) Seizes al-Shabaab Explosives in Hiiraan

The National Security & Intelligence Agency (NISA) successfully located a stash of explosives in the El-Gaal district of Hiiraan region, thus denying al-Shabaab terrorists in the area the means of continuing their recent spate of roadside bombings.
The local NISA commander, Hassan Kaafi Mohamed Ibrahim spoke to local media and explained that the tip-off as to the location of the cache. He expressed his gratitude to the citizens of Hiiraan for their continued assistance in fighting the terrorists.

Government, AMISOM Facilitates Clan Dispute Resolution in Hiiraan

On November 27th 2016 the Hiiraan Regional Administration successfully negotiated the cessation of hostilities between two warring clan militias in the area of Beletweyne city, Hiiraan’s capital.
The resolution of the dispute was made possible by the efforts of the Regional Governor, Ali Jeyte Osman, the local security forces, traditional elders and AMISOM commanders deployed in the area.

Somali Security Forces Intercept a Car-bomb in Mogadishu

On November 26th 2016 Somali security forces intercepted the driver of a carbomb in the Garden Market area of Afasione Road in Mogadishu. The driver has been taken into custody and is under investigation for his role in the attack.

Danab Commandos Kill 7 al-Shabaab Fighters in Lower Shabelle

On November 24th 2016, SNA Danab commandos launched a military operation in Qoryoley, Lower Shabelle with the aim of capturing an al-Shabaab illegal taxation team. The assaulting forces encountered some resistance and, in the resultant firefight, 7 al-Shabaab fighters were killed including the commander of the taxation unit.
The SNA will continue to deploy Danab commandos in a way that off-balances al-Shabaab, contributing to greater security and stability for the people of Somalia.