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Hassan Dahir Says He is Not Supporter of Alshabaab

Mareeg.com-Hassan Dahir was a colonel in the Somali Army in Siyad Barre’s Government. Later he became the leader of Hizbul Islam.

He recently expressed his point of view on the current situation of the country and his political stand. In an audio, he spoke about important issues including politics, security, the
Islamic culture and the ties between Somali politicians and Ethiopia. In his
audio which was broadcasted from Dalsan Radio, he said combining religion and
the government system is not a new thing.

As a young man, Hassan came to Mogadishu in 1963 and joined the army. He was in the military for many
years. In 1990s, he was one of the founders of Al-itihad which was based in
parts of Gedo Region before they were crashed by the Ethiopian troops. In his
audio, he said Islam should be put together with the system of government. He
also said, people should be supported as they were living in fear for a long

He said Alshabaab don’t like people to talk about them. He also fiercely attacked the current state governments
and the Federal Government terming them as people who listen to what Ethiopia
tells them. All in all, he sounded not to be supporting neither the Federal Government nor Alshabaab. dalsanradio.com

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