Hassan Dahir Aweys: Alshabaab Don't Like People to Talk about Them

Mareeg.com- Hassan Dahir Aweys is currently under house arrest. The cassette is 40 minutes in length. At the beginning he spoke about the struggle for independence and Somali Youth League (SYL).

He said a lot of blood was shed for the sovereignty of this country. He then

called for the youth to work properly on the betterment of the nationhood. He

spoke about Alshabaab too. He said they don’t like people to talk about their

affairs. “Alshabaab have started including Somalis among their enemies especially

clerics and politicians”. Aweys said. He pointed out that it is shameful

to harm the Somalis who if their rights are protected would be courageous enough

to join the fight against the enemies who occupied the country. He repeatedly

said that he is sorry about the way Alshabaab treat people.He also said that Puntland and

Somaliland among other autonomous states in the country are having ties with Ethiopia

where they frequently go for consultations. He warned that depending on

Ethiopian would lead to the destruction of the Somali nation. He accused the

successive governments in the country for failing to rule the nation using

Sheria law. He added that power was shared on tribal basis in the governments before the Revolutionary Government