Asia:Is Cameron done his home-work before issuing March ultimatum to Sri Lanka ?

Read Time:3 Minute, 46 Second British Prime Minister David Cameron is not an irresponsible
rabble-rouser then the entire mankind should be prepared, as given below,
for the profound political transformation of the world in view of the

(1)- When Cameron (during CHOGM held at SL) called for SL to ensure
“credible, transparent and independent investigations into alleged war
crimes” and said if this did not happen by March 2014 he would press the UN
Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to hold an international inquiry, – President
Rajapaksa was indignant and said “We will take our time and we will
investigate into 30 years of war”. President Rajapaksa’s response to
Cameron’s ultimatum was not as direct as that of some of his colleagues.
Basil Rajapaksa, President Rajapaksa’s brother and a senior minister in his
government, had already rejected Cameron’s call for an inquiry, saying it

of Parliament Nimal Siripala de Silva emphasized that his country is a
sovereign state and will resist any international investigation.

(2)- Otherwise also third party UNHRC investigation in HR violations in SL
is impossible due to China, which will certainly use its veto power (as it
did on Syria) to frustrate any such attempt by UK. The Chinese interest in
SL is evident the way India water-downed the March, 2013 US-backed

resolution practically had nothing to do with human rights hence Tamils of
India are dissatisfied with such UNHRC resolution and constrained PM

maneuvering by the US and other major powers to advance their interests in

its reliance on China, This March 2013 resolution was little different to
one passed by the UN body a year ago. It called on the Rajapakse government

allegations of violations of international human rights law and

to probe its own war crimes

resolutions on SL in 2012 and 2013 with the country now facing fresh

(3)- India voted for March 2013 UNHRC resolution, seeking to advance its
economic and strategic interests in what it regards as its sphere of
influence and engaged in behind-the-scene machinations to water down the

for UNHRC officials to visit SL). After this UNHRC March 2013 resolution SL

clauses. New Delhi wanted these changes (i)- To appease the Colombo
government, fearing that greater pressure would push Rajapakse further into

security council had cited collaboration between Chinese and SL companies
to launch a communication satellite as a security threat and (ii)- Because
New Delhi also calculated that backing demands for UNHRC investigation in

human right violations in Kashmir

(4)- In a nutshell normally India will not go against Sri Lanka out of

ultimatum militarily then India will assist UK militarily. This March 2014
ultimatum of Cameron at CHOGM has changed every thing. Cameron has become
Human-Rights-Hero not only amongst Tamils of SL & Tamilnadu in India and
all other remaining Indians but also in the eyes of human rights activists
all over the world by issuing this March 2014 ultimatum to SL. Therefore no
political party or political commentator in India will dare to oppose the
enforcement of this March 2014 ultimatum by Cameron militarily in case SL
does not ensure by this time the “credible, transparent and independent
investigations into alleged war crimes” – which SL will never do as
mentioned above and also under pressure from SL Army.

(5)- If Cameron is really concerned about enforcement of human rights on
this earth then he is left with no other option than to enforce his March

military assistance of India. In SL the unsavory record of India, which is
mainly responsible for SL present and past mess (out of its acts of
commission and omission namely where it first rightly encouraged SL Tamils
in demanding equal political rights and then in every way misguidedly
encouraged separatist militants, then sent IPKF and called it back without
completing the task and then remained conniving spectator to war crimes of
SL Army during elimination of LTTE etc from SL and then water-downed March
2013 UNHRC resolution) will make it easy for Cameron to rope-in India for

its Allies) tactfully so that they at-least do not oppose this mission and

(6)- Otherwise also India will be glad to assist UK militarily due to
electoral problems of present government in 2014 elections where UPA II is
likely to face formidable challenge from principal opposition party and
from Third and Federal fronts of number of regional parties. Once

It does not require a genius of political science to understand that if

bound to profoundly transform the entire world, politically.

By Hem Raj Jain

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