Govt. Seeks Yemen’s Backing in Combating Militants PM who is also Minister of Religious Affairs, Hon. Ridwan Hersi requested assistance from the Govt of Yemen to back the Somali Govt in combating what he termed as the terror groups who are fighting in the country.Hon. Ridwan requested so yesterday when he met with Fuád Al-zurqa who is executive

at Yemen’s Mogadishu Embassy. He also acknowledged the president of Yemen Abdu

Rabbu Mansuur Xadi on his country’s military successes against the Al-Qaida in

Yemen’s Abyan and Shabwa Regions.Hon.Ridwan

also thanked the Government of Yemen for its continuous support for the government

and the people of Somalia. Hon. Fuád Al-zurqa also promised support for the Somali Govt against the armed groups  that are fighting in Somalia.