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Government Activities in the past week

Mogadishu, 03 Augus, 2016 – HE the Minister of Information, Mohamed Abdi Hayir ‘Mareye’ briefed the media on security and development activities of the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) in the past week.

Minister noted the activities that had taken place in the past week including: Danab commandos killed three al-Shabaab fighters in Lower Shabelle; the FGS launched a vaccination campaign to prevent lung disease; the Somali National Army (SNA) seized Aw-Dhegle from al-Shabaab; the National Security & Intelligence Agency (NISA) seized a car laden with explosives; HE the Minister of Defence offered encouragement to SNA personnel in Abudwak district, Galgaduud region; Puntland won the national Inter-state football tournament; the Somali ambassador to Pakistan presented her credentials; a new District Commissioner of Galkayo was elected; and SNA and AMISOM forces jointly seized an al-Shabaab base in Beer-Xaano in Lower Jubba.

Danab Commandos Killed Three al-Shabaab Fighters in Lower Shabelle

Somali forces attacked the town of Aw-Dhegle, which lies 25 miles (40 kilometers) outside Afgooye town in the Lower Shabelle region, prompting hours of fighting between the two sides.
HE the Minister of Information noted that commandos from the elite special forces unit, Danab, assaulted two al-Shabaab training camps in the town and successfully drove the group from the town.
The FGS commandos killed 3 al-Shabaab fighters during the raid and destroyed two combat vehicles. The FGS with The support of AMISOM will continue robust military operations against al-Shabaab in order to rid the country of extremism and terrorism.

The FGS Launched a Vaccination Campaign to Prevent Lung Disease for Livestock

In Mogadishu on July 24th, 2016, the FGS officially launched a vaccination campaign against lung diseases in goats and sheep. The FGS Ministry of Livestock, Land & Animal Husbandry cooperated with UN Food & Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and livestock partner organisations, represented by the Ministers of Livestock, Commerce, Trade & Industry and the Somali Parliamentary Committee for Livestock, Agriculture and Rural Development. HE the Minister of Information noted that type of campaign will place once or twice a year.

The National Security & Intelligence Agency (NISA) Seized a Car Laden with Explosives

On July 27th, 2016, the National security & Intelligence Agency (NISA) seized a car packed with explosives in the Bakara Market area of Mogadishu. In response to a tip off from a member of the public, security personnel arrived at the scene and cordoned off the Al-Imran Hotel where the car bomb was located and seized the device, a member of NISA explained to members of the Somali media.

HE the Minister of Defence Offered Encouragement to SNA Personnel in Abudwak District, Galgaduud Region

HE the FGS Minister of Defense, Abdikadir Sheikh Ali Dini, visited the training camp of Abudwak district, Galgaduud region, to offer encouragement to SNA personnel, extolling the need for them to continue safe-guarding the public from the warring parties in the region.
HE the Minister of Defence commented, “The work of educating the members of the armed forces of Somalia about defence and national security issues and engaging them in thoughtful discussion and dialogue is exceedingly important, perhaps now more than ever.” HE the Minister further emphasised the need for the Somali security forces to work intimately with the public.

Puntland Won the National Inter-state Football Tournament

The Puntland state Team of Somalia has won the national inter-regional state football tournament. The captain of the victorious Puntland team was presented with the trophy by HE the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud in Konis stadium in Mogadishu, noting that he was ‘over the moon’. Puntland won after a penalty shootout against Jubbaland regional state team after 90 minutes of normal time followed by 30 minutes of extra ended in a 1-1 stalemate. HE the President of Somalia handed over the silverware to the Puntland at the conclusion of the nail-biting match, to the accompaniment of the overwhelming jubilation of the Puntland supporters.
Senior government officials including HE the Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Sharmarke, various Ministers, members of the Somali Parliament, officials of Banadir Regional Administration and government officials from the two regional states were in attendance along with senior security officials and numerous distinguished guests were present for the crucial match.
Both the Jubaland and Puntland regional state leaders promised significant rewards for their team if they brought the trophy back home to their respected states before the kick off.

The Somali Ambassador to Pakistan Presented her Credentials

The Pakistani President, Mamnoon Hussain, on Monday received the credentials of Khadiija Maxamed Al-Makhsuumi as Somalia’s Ambassador to Pakistan. HE the Somali Ambassador to Pakistan was previously the Somali Ambassador to Iraq. HE the Ambassador conveyed to the Pakistani president greetings of HE the President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.
For his part, the Pakistani president asked HE the Ambassador to convey his greetings to HE the President of Somalia. HE the Ambassador also received from G and Honour Guards drawn from the Pakistani Army.
Numerous students from Somalia are studying in different universities and colleges in Pakistan and Somalia and Pakistan have a long history of trade relations.

New District Commissioner of Galkayo Elected

On July 23rd, 2016 councillors in Galkayo have elected Mohamud Yassin Ahmed District Commissioner. The new District Commissioner won in the third round of the election process. At the same time, councillors in Galkayo also elected Farhan Abdi Gafaa as Deputy District Commissioner.
Puntland state officials including HE the President of Puntaland regional state, Dr Abdiweli Ali Gaas and ministers from the Puntland state authority also attended the election.

SNA and AMISOM Forces Jointly Seized an al-Shabaab Base in Beer-Xaano, Lower Jubba

On July 22nd, 2016, the security forces of Jubbaland State, supported by the African Union peacekeeping forces, seized control of Beer-Xaano, near Kismayo town in lower Jubba region, the government news agency, SONNA, reported.
“Jubbaland Security Forces supported by AMISOM targeted several Al-Shabaab installations in Beer Xaani, Lower Juba. On coming into contact with the combined force, the al-Shabaab militants fled the area, seeking refuge in nearby forests,” a Jubbaland Administration official noted in a press release.
“The terrorist organisation used these places for storing weapons and supplies. The Somali-led operation was important because it successfully disrupted al-Shabaab’s logistics chain,” the statement continued.
Somali forces met subsequently with village elders in Beer Xaano to assure them of their safety and explain the benefits of their new-found peace.

The Ministry of Information, Culture & Tourism,

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