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Goa summit to write a new chapter of BRICS cooperation: Ambassador

Mareeg.com-“We have every reason to believe that the BRICS Summit in Goa this time will weigh in global issues, expand cooperation and seek common development so that the BRICS can shine even brighter,” said Chinese Ambassador to India Luo Zhaohui in an article on Chinese President Xi Jinping’s attendance at the 8th BRICS Summit in Goa.


The article, published in the People’s Daily, pointed out that the BRICS cooperation mechanism has transformed from a sole investment platform to a summit-led multi-layered cooperation framework covering politics, economy, security and culture since the first BRICS Summit in 2009, thus raising its international influence as well as connotation.

Against the background of sluggish world economic recovery and lack of driving force, voices questioning the prospects of the BRICS cooperation also emerged in the international community. Luo denied such claims in the article, saying that the 5-nation bloc has not lost its pump.


“With 30 percent of world land area and 42 percent of the global population, BRICS countries account for 21 percent of world economic aggregate and take up more than half of emerging markets’ economic output,” he wrote in the article.


In the last decade, BRICS states have contributed more than 50 percent of world economic growth. The bloc will remain to be an important engine with a strong driving force for world economic growth, Luo noted.


In light of challenges and obstacles, Luo called on the five countries to pursue the principle of openness, inclusiveness, cooperation and win-win results to seek common development. “Just as President Xi said, ‘the BRICS countries are just like the five fingers, each having its own strengths, and together forming a clenched fist’,” he said.


According to Luo, all parties should think outside of the box, ponder how to strengthen mechanism construction and come up with a Goa proposal to adjust to the ever-changing situation.


Moreover, they should properly deal with disputes, boost the confidence and vitality of BRICS cooperation, deepen practical cooperation and forge new cooperation highlights to bring tangible benefits to the people, he added.


“I believe the BRICS Summit in Goa will push for greater development of BRICS countries by stepping up communication and coordination and stimulating growth potential on the basis of the full implementation of consensus from the G20 Hangzhou Summit,” Luo said in the article.


The ambassador also appreciated India’s preparation for the summit as the host, saying that “guided by the theme of ‘Building Responsive, Inclusive and Collective Solutions’, the country has been closely coordinating with all sides, giving emphasis to planning as well as implementing, promoting flagship programs and building cultural highlights.”


China and India are natural partners within the BRICS mechanism, Luo stated. The two countries make up 86.8 percent of the BRICS population and 79.1 percent of the total GDP of the BRICS countries. Their bilateral trade volume makes up 29 percent of the BRICS total.


The significance and closeness of bilateral relations were also verified by the two heads of states.  Xi once said that “if China and India speak with one voice, the whole world will listen,” while Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also expressed that the two nations are actually one mind with two bodies.


In recent years, China-India ties, guided by both leaders, have maintained rapid development and achieved constant progress in cooperation in various fronts.


Since India assuming the rotating chairmanship of the BRICS mechanism, China has been rendering full support and assistance, Luo pointed out. source People’s Daily

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