Somalia:Gigantic Human rights Protection looms across South West State of Somalia

The South Waste State of Somalia community has suffered a human rights crisis for the last 25 years, characterized by serious violations of human rights and humanitarian law. All though small number of civil society organizations are working actively to keep up civilian rights. The protection of civilians in the context of the armed conflict, combined with impunity and lack of accountability, is of major concern.

The lack of properly working rule of law and the climate of insecurity has created an environmental in which certain categories of professionals, such as journalists, human rights activists, freedom of Expression campaigners and judges, are increasingly targeted for grave killings.

The Secretary General of The Somali Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA) Mr. Daud Abdi Daud met yesterday January 15, 2017 Mr. Qasim Mogaw Abdalla who heads Iniskoy for Peace and Development Organization (IPDO) at Hotel hotel Sayidka and discussed a mutual concerns related ISWA region.

“An entire generation has grown up with access to education in ISWA region and the country as a whole suffers from a lack of knowledge about human rights. Women and children’s rights are routinely violated”said Mr. Qasim Mogow Abdalla of IPDO

Iniskoy for Peace and Development Organization -IPDO- was established by intellectuals from the regions of Bay, Bokol, Gedo, Lower/Middle Shabelle and Benadir Regions. The foundation of this organization was behind by many problems seen in the country and encountered by the civil society of Somalia since the central government collapsed in 1991, soon after the collapse, the country has faced lots of crisis, devastation in any side.

Iniskoy for Peace and Development Organization (IPDO) works out for the development and improvement of the livelihood of the society that was severely affected by recurrent civil wars, killings, and droughts facing the country due to the semi-usual failure of raining seasons as well as limited opportunities of working, learning, access to healthcare and sanitation. IPDO is collaboration with National and International NGOs, donors in order to get sustainable better working and living conditions as their basic necessities to maintain life while the community will enjoy good taste of freedom of life, speech, work, education, Health care, Sanitation and independence that is why IPDO has been established.

“In 2011, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights facilitated Somalia’s engagement in the Universal Period Review of the Human Rights Council. Somalia accepted, fully or in part, all 155 recommendations formulated by Member States for the improvement of its human rights record so that we believe that South Waste State of Somalia will be part of that agreement though it was under way to establish at that time”.Mr. Qasim Mogow Abdalla of IPDO added and further continued that These recommendations cover a wide range of issues including:
political process;
peace and reconciliation;
protection of civilians in the context of the armed conflict;
ratification of international human rights instruments; and
development of human rights-compliant legislative and policy frameworks, including at the level of the Constitution, establishment of a national human rights institution, and the strengthening of civilian police and the judiciary, among others.

The Universal Period Review recommendations provide a comprehensive roadmap for improving the human rights situation in Somalia.

For more information and interviews you can be reached the Iniskoy for Peace and Development Organization (IPDO) on +252-61-555561/+252-61-5238000/+252-69-5238000 Email:

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