Former Villa Somalia Chief of Staff to seek political asylum Villa Somalia Chief of Staff Kamal Dahir [better known as Kamal Gutale] is trying to seek political asylum from Kenya or Turkey after fearing for his life, he told President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.
Mr Gutale, a new and unpopular political figure was first seen in Somalia’s political scheme in late 2012 when President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud rewarded him to be his Chief of Staff for his role of so-called president Mohamud’s campaign in September 2012.

But Mr Gutale was sacked from his position at the Villa Somalia and was then given another tittle at the Benadir Deputy Governor late last year following severe corruption and misbehavior that led to the President’s Office plunged into crisis.  He is allegedly to be the mastermind of unsuccessful death threat and fraud attempt against the country’s former Central Bank Governor Yusra Abrar who later resigned and fled from the country.

The resignation of Yusra Abrar attracted international attention and eventually resulted the relation between Villa Somalia and the international donors to nearly cut off.

According to insider source at Villa Somalia, Mr Gutale wrote to President Mohamud last week and asked for help as he called himself “as political victim” and that he needed to be evacuated to a safer place.

In the latte, Mr Gutale said he faced severe threats from his unmentioned political preys and that he would consequently needed some amount of money to leave the country.

According to the insiders, Mr Gutale feared for his life because of his strict and unwell behavior during his term at Villa Somalia.  He has been known for rejecting the people who have appointments with the president to have access to Villa Somalia if they do not pay him.

President Mohamud is reportedly raised the matter with his advisors to look what the President can do