Former somali vice president,defense minister in 1970’s dies at 85-in-virginia

Former Somali defense minister and trusted Somali vice president at military government era, Gen Ali Samantar has passed away in Virginia, Unites State of American on Friday night. He was 85.

Sumatra hold the highest rank of the Somalia’s former Supreme Revolutionary Council by Gen Mohamed Siyad Bare who took the power in a military bloodless coup in 1969.samatar

Mr. Samatar has been sick for months and later died at a hospital in Virginia.

The president of federal republic of Somalia HE Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has sent his deepest and heartfelt condolence to the family & friends of late Gen. Samantar.

President Mohamud described the late general as one of the main pillars in building Somali National Army (SNA) during his rule as defense minister of the country. Sumatra was the chief architect of Somalia war with Ethiopia in 1977


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