FMR Puntland state learder, Abdurrahman Mohamed Farole, one of the presidential hopeful candidates resigned..

In a press conference held in Mogadishu announced his compromise, telling this move meant for easing the tight race.

“I’m here to announce my resignation, I request my counterparts to do so” said Mr, Farole.

“I want to encourage them supporting for change” he added. found he’s allied closely with FMR president Shariif Sheikh Ahmed, though we couldn’t confirm.

The desisting of Farole came, just 24 hour the poll scheduled on Wednesday, Feb, 8.

The caretaker president and his PM, are among 22-candidates vying for the top office.

Last month former PM, Ali Gedi, announced his compromise, another desisted from the running in a press conference in Nairobi.Somali presidential election had been delayed for four times.

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