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Five reasons why men are killing women in Guyana

By dennis Adonis-guyanaguardian-(Opinion) – About 24-years-ago, I can recall a particular incident involving a man who had murdered his wife, and was subsequently sent to prison on remand where he died after awaiting a High Court trial date for more than four years.

Prior to turning into a hated murderer, the man, Joey (not his real name), was a seasoned estate worker where he toiled interchangeably between the weeding gang, spray gang, and those planting the sugar cane.

As far as I can recall, this man would go home from the estate at around 1:30pm each weekday, and then head out again for the backdam at around 2:30pm to scavenge for mangoes and coconuts, before returning home again by 6pm, where he would sometimes tow buckets of water to full the barrels in the family yard.
On most days, this man would be so engulfed in work, that he seems to only stop up until around 10pm before he goes off to bed.

Yet he woke up again, each morning at 3am, prepare his work lunch, and then leave for the estate by 4:30am.

It was a routine that lasted for several years.

Throughout that time, his common-law wife had three children, all of which were rumoured to be “blow pickney” by Guyanese slang, (which meant that Joey was not the biological father of the children, even though he thought so).

While it was a rumour, it was public knowledge that two particular men would usually be languishing in Joey’s home with his wife on different days, and when he was at the estate or in the backdam.

But since the man kept no friends, and was only committed to his family, no one bothered to tell him anything.

However, as time progressed, the man somehow learned about his wife’s infidelity, and confronted her.
But each time she would deny it, and somehow the issue would go no further than a family quarrel which would usually become muted within minutes.

Thereafter, everything went back to normal for a few days, until Joey unexpectedly canceled a backdam trip and later went to the house of a village bachelor, where he waited and subsequently met his wife as she was leaving in the company of her male friend; – who quickly disappeared after Joey and his wife began to fight.

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