First Somali Cultural Festival In Decades Held In Mogadishu Today

Sunday June 22, Mogadishu…. The Ministry of Information hosted the first Somali Cultural Festival in decades today in Mogadishu. “This is an exceptional celebration for the new Somalia that seeks peace and stability while reviving social spirit toward unity and development through its rich common culture.” Said Minister of Information Hon. Mustafa Duhulow during opening of the festival.

The Somali Cultural Festival was a landmark for a number of reasons. Firstly, it was the first time such a large event has taken place anywhere in Somalia in over 25 years, a quarter of a century. Secondly, it was unique in the number of different forms of Somalia’s rich and vibrant culture being represented, ranging from music to dance, from poetry to drama, and even reaching back in time through a series of broadcasts from the archives of Radio Mogadishu. Finally, and most importantly, the Somali Cultural Festival represented ALL of Somalia, with artists performing from Baidoa, Beletweyne, Kismayo, Garowe, Hargeisa and elsewhere as well as those from Mogadishu.

Festival starting 3pm late in the afternoon and lasting until 9pm in the evening today had attracted high profile guests including H.E. Excellency the President, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, H.E. Excellency the Prime Minister, Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed and H.E. the Minister of Information, Mustafa Duhulow. Thousands Mogadishu residents participated take pride of their cultural heritage and enjoying the beautiful Somali songs and music. The event was also live from Somali media channels especially from all three major television stations namely Somali National Television, Universal Television and Horn Cable Television all made possible of Horn Connect Live Streaming capability.

The security was tight throughout the event while still allowing the revelers to enjoy all the acts and the event went off without incident – a major success for the Somali security forces. At the end of the long evening festival event The Minister of Information had the opportunity to thank both the security forces and Banadir Regional Administration for their supportive role. He also thanked all the arts and performers who contributed the festival this year.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud shortly spoke at the festival sharing joy with all the participants he thanked Ministry of Information leadership and support staff for making possible The Somali Culture Festival a reality and he also appreciated the generous support of the Embassy of France in Somalia, the Federal Republic of Germany, the United Nations and the US Department of State.


Ministry of Information
Mogadishu, Somalia