Somalia: Islamist group orders Mogadishu men to grow beard

MOGADISHU, Somalia, June 21 (Mareeg)— Hizbul Islam Islamist group has ordered Monday all men in Mogadishu to grow beard and cut moustaches.


Moallim Hashi Mohamed Farah, Mogadishu governor for Hizbul Islam held a press conference in Mogadishu and said they ordered men to grow beard and shave moustaches.


The group banned radio stations in Mogadishu from playing music and songs and in April. Most of the radio stations complied the order.


“We ordered women to take veil and cover their bodies and they complied, so men should take the order as women did,” said Moallim Hashi.


“Anyone who is caught defying the order will be punished,” added Moallim Hashi, although he did not elaborate the kind of punishment.


Al Shabaab militants gave men the same order in Kismayo last year. The two groups imposed strict versions of Sharia in areas under their control, including banning of watching and playing football.


Mareeg Online

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