somalia:Somali Spy Network Exposed

Mogadishu-somalia( official from AMISOM (African Union Mission for Somalia) and UNSOA (United Nations Support Office for AMISOM) are reportedly under investigation for passing on sensitive information to a Western intelligence agency and South African intelligence, can reveal.

According to intelligence sources inside the African Union, the two individuals, an intelligence analyst from an East African country in AMISOM and a Mr Abdi Hassan a Somali-Tanzanian who works for UNSOA as a Public Information Officer here in Nairobi have reportedly been recruited separately to spy both on AMISOM and Somalis with view of undermining the Djibouti Process and assisting the West in the War on Terror in East Africa.

A source close to the investigation told that a routine counter intelligence operation revealed that a plethora of sensitive information on AMISOM operations and its staff had constantly been passed to the two agencies concerned, Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) and South Africa Secret Services (SASS).

"This is very damaging and could potentially harm our efforts to bring peace to Somalia", said an AU intelligence source. When we have UNSOA and Western agencies that are supposed to be our allies assisting us with intelligence matters conducting hostile action against us it’s obvious why we are failing in Somalia" the source went on to say. has also learnt that the individuals involved in the spy network have been promised foreign citizenship, money and a long-term UN contract by the Western agency. Confidential email communications and pictures of the DIA and SASS handlers have been seen by and there can be no doubt of the intention of the individuals involved but to wilfully conduct hostile action against AMISOM and Somalia. In a recent email communication sent on 24 November from one of the intelligence handlers, it warned one of the suspects not to jeopardize what they were aiming to accomplish. has been promised further information as the investigation progresses.  source

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