FESOJ condemns threats against journalist in Somalia-Ethiopia region

Federation of Somali Journalists (FESOJ) condemns the threats and intimidations against a Somali journalist Ismail Ibrahim Ali known as Buurgaabo Universal TV reporter in Jigjiga, Ethiopia’s Somali Regional State after the journalist interviewed some opposition members who were critical to the Regional State leaders.

“We condemn this climate of terror and intimidation against journalists Ismail Ibrahim Ali in Jigjiga. It is against press freedom and ethical ” Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu the Secretary General of FESOJ said.
Social media were widely circulated senior state officials threatening the journalist in a public place. He also confirmed to FESOJ that he was directly approached and threatened by government officers who ordered him to stop interviewing the opposition politicians in the regional state otherwise may face bad consequence.
A journalist Ismail Ibrahim Ali was released from prison in 2018 after he spent four years of imprisonment. Former government detained him in 2014 after he reported of human rights abuses committed the previous government.
FESOJ urges Ethiopia’s Somali Regional State officials to stop this recent intimidation against journalists and calls on the Somali Regional State authorities to make sure that the safety of journalists is protected in order to make freedom of the press and expression become a reality.
“Journalists in Somali Regional State in Ethiopia continue to pay a heavy price for informing the public,” Moalimuu added. “It is time the government ensures journalists are properly protected.”