Federal Parliament fails to approve new draft bill on fishing and sea resources of Somalia Federal Parliament today failed to approve the new draft bill on the fishing and sea resources amid tough debate.
Legislators on Monday started to discuss the new draft bill on fishing and sea resources submitted and approved by the former cabinet after hot debate on the bill. Monday’s debate was the third round of reviewing the same draft bill in the parliament.

The Deputy Speaker of the Federal Parliament Jeylani Nur Ikar, who was today’s parliament chairperson has wrapped up the session after the legislators brought many unanswered questions on the draft bill.

Today’s parliament debate on such draft bill came two days after the new Prime Minister of the country Abdiwali Sheikh Ahmed appealed for the suspension of all ongoing draft bills presented to the parliament.

The Prime Minister suggested that the upcoming council of ministers will review the totak draft bills brought by the former government which the Parliament ousted in early December. source