Federal Government of Somalia and the Security Activities in the Past Week

Minister of Information, Mohamed Abdi Hayir ‘Mareeye’, briefed the media on the development and security activities of the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) in past week.

HE the Minister detailed activities that took place in the past week including: an Al-Shabaab leader who took advantage of the government amnesty programme has been welcomed by FGS; 10 members of Al-Shabaab taken into custody during security operations at Kilometre 50; 2 suspected al-Shabaab members arrested in Dharkeneley district of Mogadishu; HE the President of South West State presided over the inauguration ceremony of the new Presidential place in Barawe; the US and Somali governments sign bilateral agreement to provide support to the education sector; Somali security forces intercepted an explosives laden vehicle; more Danab recruits concluded training; and the Somali Custodian Corps received new uniforms, uniforms.

An Al-Shabaab Leader who took Advantage of the Government Amnesty Programme has been Welcomed by FGS

A disaffected al-Shabaab leader, Ibrahim Aden Ibrahim, has taken advantage of the amnesty programme offered by the government to disaffected members of the terror group and has been welcomed by the FGS.
The former Head of Education for the group in Bay & Bakool regions said in a statement that he had decided to surrender to the Somali National Intelligence & Security Agency (NISA) after hearing of at least ten other leaders who had successfully left the group and were currently being reintegrated back into society with the help of the government.
Ibrahim declared that he is no longer member of group, has rejected its ideology and encouraged others in his position to reject the violence of militant groups like al-Shabaab. He also highlighted the way al-Shabaab perverts the Islamic faith and Islamic Sharia compliance for its own ends.

10 Members of al-Shabaab taken into Custody during Security Operations at Kilometre 50, Lower Shabelle

The Somali National Army (SNA) supported by AMISOM forces has commenced military operations in the area of Kilometre 50 in Lower Shabelle region with the aim of the operation was to expel the remnants of al-Shabaab from the neighborhood. SNA senior officers confirmed that 10 al-Shabaab members were taken into custody while also urging the public to continue to cooperate with counter terrorism operations operating in Lower Shabelle.

2 Suspected Al-Shabaab Members Arrested in Dharkeneley district of Mogadishu

On August 29th, 2016, the Ministry of Internal Security spokesman, Abdikamil Moalin Shukri, informed the media that security forces have arrested two suspected al-Shabaab members in the Dharkeneley district of Mogadishu as part of a wider security operation. The two men were apprehended in the Black Kiosk (Dabakayo Madow) area of Dharkaynley and are now in the custody of the Somali security forces.

The US and Somali Governments Sign Bilateral Agreement to Provide Support to the Education Sector

On August 30th, 2016, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) signed a bilateral agreement to formalise USAID’s support for educational development in Somalia. The USAID Assistant Administrator for Africa, Linda Etim, the U.S. Ambassador to Somalia, Stephen Schwartz, HE the Minister of Education, Culture and Higher Education, Abdulkadir Abdi Hashi, and HEs the Ministers of Finance and Planning participated in the ceremony.
The Limited Scope Grant Agreement for Basic Education and Program Management is the first bilateral development agreement between the US Government and the FGS, and will see approximately $65 million in U.S. assistance provided over a five-year period: the first phase alone will see the expenditure of $17 million. The agreement reflects USAID’s commitment to partner with the FGS to ensure equal access to quality basic education and learning for all Somalis, including marginalised children and other out-of-school youth. Activities implemented under this agreement will have a special focus on increasing the enrollment and retention of girls in education and training for female teachers from communities across Somalia.

HE the President of South West State President Presides over Inauguration of New Presidential Palace in Barawexaruntaa_bydhabo

The President of South West State, Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden presided over the inauguration of a new Presidential place in Barawe and also toured the city to view progress in reconstruction.
The Commissioner of the Lower Shabelle region, Ibrahim Aden Ali Najax, welcomed the Presidential delegation to Barawe. HE the Deputy Minister of Women & Human Rights, Mrs Mumino Sheikh Omar, paid tribute to the South West State of Somalia for its endeavors to renovation government office premises, noting that she hoped the region would take advantage of the effort to boost the effectiveness of the administration and improve conditions for all walks of society.
HE the President of South West State expressed his pleasure at the construction of the new presidential palace and confirmed that Barawe port will soon be renovated as well.

Somali Security Forces Intercepted an Explosives Laden Vehicle

On August 29th 2016, acting on a tip off from members of the public, NISA officers seized a car laden with explosives in the area of Hawo Tako School, Hamar Weyne district of Mogadishu. The vehicle involved had aroused the suspicions of the local populace who reported their concerns to the authorities.
Somali News Agency quoted an official from NISA noting the security officials confiscated gas cylinders, rocket propelled grenades and quantities of metal fragments loaded in the car. The official thanked the Somali security agencies who work day and night to protect and secure the residents of the district and then went on to thank the residents of the district for their collaboration with the police to thwart any terror attacks against the Somali people. He concluded by noting that this was third interception in this manner this month.

More Danab Recruits Concluded Training

On August 28th, 2016 the passing out parade of the latest batch of recruits to the elite Danab (‘Lightning’) unit of the SNA was held at General Dhaga-badan Acade in Mogadishu. The parade was attended the Commandant of National Army, General Mohamed Aden Ahmed, and other senior officers.
General Mohamed Aden Ahmed praised the Danab commandos and noted the profound effect that the capability they offered, of both direct assaults on terrorist when they least expected, day or night, anywhere in the country. The group’s intelligence capabilities also helped it plan those assaults for maximum effect as well as intelligence-led operations, whereby the commandos capture terrorists for interrogation and seize vital documents or computer hard drives. The General concluded by urging to the newly recruited soldiers to work with honesty, respect for public and for the reputation of the SNA.

The Somali Custodian Corps Receives New Uniforms, Equipment

On August 27th 2016, the Italian Government donated a range of equipment to the Somali Custodian Corps including uniforms, caps, protective shields for demonstrations, hand-cuffs and various items of riot control equipment. The donation was received by the First Deputy Commandant of the Custodian Corps, Brigadier General Abdikarim Ali Afrax, accompanied by other senior officers.
General Abdikarim acknowledged the generosity of the Italian Government and noted its consistent support to the Somali Custodian Corps his appreciation of the donations as being most keenly required.
Representing the Italian Government, Colonel Bernardo Mencraglia, head of the Italian contingent of the European Union Training Mission in Somalia, noted that Italy will continue to provide support to the Somalia Custodian Corps as well as continuing to provide support to the other elements of the Somali security forces.

The Ministry of Information, Culture & Tourism, media@moi.gov.so

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