Farmaajo declares war on Alshabab, calls on the public to support security agencies

Mogadishu, 6 April 2017- The president of the Federal Republic of Somalia, His Excellency Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo has declared the country is in a state of war with the terror group Alshabab and has asked the Somali people to stand with the country’s security agencies in their fight against the terrorists.

“I declare we are in a state of war with Alshabab, this war would no longer be one-sided. I order the security forces to be alert and take part in pacifying the country. This won’t be a war for only the security agencies, we want the public to stand by us.”

The president also gave an ultimatum of 60 days to the youth fighting for Alshabab to surrender and be part of the government’s rehabilitation program.

“I want to call on the Somali youth misled by Alshabab to denounce violence, and the government would welcome them, educate them and create job opportunities for them. I tell them they have 60 days of amnesty, make use of it.”

President Farmaajo said the country faces the triple threats of terrorism, corruption and poverty. He asked for concerted efforts from all sectors to face these threats.

The president also sent his condolences to the families and friends of the innocent people who lost their lives in yesterday’s terror attack in Mogadishu and prays for all those injured in that cowardly attack.

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