Deadly explosion kills 3 soldiers in Somalia

MOGDAISHU – At least three government soldiers have been killed and 7 others injured in bomb explosion in Wanlaweyn town, some 150km southwest of Somalia’s capital Mogadishu.

The explosion ripped through a military vehicle carrying Somali especial forces known as Danab in the town, leaving three soldiers on board, a witness said.
He says the explosion had also damaged the vehicle.

“I saw dead bodies and 7 other soldiers, who were bleeding and screaming for help”, he said.

Somali Islamist group of Al Shabaab claimed to have been responsible for the explosion.

The group says it killed 3 military soldiers in the bomb attack on the military convoy in the town of Wanlaweyn.

There was no immediate comments from Somali military over the claims
Deadly explosion kills 3 soldiers in Somalia