Eviction threats remain for vulnerable displaced people

Mareeg.com-Since mid-2013 tens of thousands of internally displaced people living in formal and in-formal settlements in Mogadishu have been forced to move to makeshift settlements north of the city, Kilometre 7 to 13.

Among vulnerable groups in informal settlements are several blind people who are residing at the former US embassy plot where around 2,000 families are believed to live.

While humanitarian assistance is provided to the displaced people in their current locations, the objective is to identify land and sustainable options for the displaced together with the Government.

On 20 November, authorities in Kismayo informed people occupying public buildings and land in Kismayo to vacate them within two months.

The order concerns both local citizens and displaced people. There are about 4,000 displaced families spread across 40 settlements in Kismayo. Of these, 14 sites are in public buildings or land, affecting about 1,200 families, according to UNHCR. dalsanradio.comqaxooti