EU and Somali civil society develop a roadmap for stronger engagement


Today, the European Union concluded a country wide consultation mission in order to elaborate an “EU Roadmap for Engagement with Civil Society”.

The European Union decided to step up its support to civil society organisations by developing a Roadmap that will allow donors and Somali partners to frame their activities in a structured dialogue and a more strategic cooperation.

The Road Map will be fully aligned with the Somali New Deal Compact and will enhance the cooperation and the social contract between the authorities and the civil society.

During this consultation mission, the EU had the opportunity to discuss with civil society actors (women groups, media, trade unions, Chamber of Commerce, youth groups, human rights defenders, elders, etc.) the main elements that should be included in this new Roadmap. Once the round of consultations will be over, the Roadmap and its main priorities will be presented to all Somali partners and will serve as a basis for a better cooperation with the Somali civil society. (END)

Unofficial translation