Ethiopia:USA’s “Soft” Coup in Ethiopia

Read Time:5 Minute, 57 Second USA has launched a “Soft Coup” in Ethiopia in an attempt to
relieve growing revolutionary pressure from the Ethiopian people after
3 years of failed martial law rule.

These past three years had seen brutal repression with thousands
killed and tens of thousands thrown into regime dungeons with no end
in sight. The devil was taking his due, with a growing foreign
currency shortage, unemployment and hunger and disease stalking the
land, and to top it off the decades long divide and conquer ethnic
warfare strategy of the regime has come home to roost.

Lead by pressure from the Oromo’s, over 40 million strong and Africa’s
largest nationality, the old Abyssinian empire, Ethiopia, is coming
apart at the seams. Most of the population, mainly Muslim, want
independence or some sort of self rule from the Orthodox Christian
“Abyssinians” of Haile Sellasie and Menelik infamy continued by
today’s ethnic minority Tigrayan regime.

In this “Soft Coup” the ruling regime, former
Marxist-Leninist-Hoxha-ite guerrilla fighters from the province of
Tigray turned 100% democratic (they won 100% of the seats in the
Parliament the last election) have seen themselves pushed into the
back seat with a 42 year old Oromo, the country’s and Africa’s largest
nationality at 40 million strong, now installed as Prime Minister.

To understand just how unprecedented this is you have to understand a
little Ethiopian history. Ethiopia, or Abyssinia as it used to be
known, is an African Empire created with Italian supplied firearms
during the late 19th century. The biggest victims of the Ethiopian
Empire were the Oromo peoples who until the Abbysinians of Menelek and
later Haile Sellasie got their hands on Italian machine guns and
artillery had used their legendary cavalry to sweep back all previous
attempts to enslave them. And enslave them the Abbysinians did, for
after gunning down their warriors on the battlefield, the Amhara
ethnic minority empire went on a rampage against their new subjects,
enslaving, murdering and massacring across Africa’s largest nation in
a wave of terror and destruction unprecedented in African history,
overstanding even the African slave trade in brutality and
extermination in such a short period. It has been estimated that
millions of Oromo were wiped out in the decades immediately after
their defeat by the Abbysinian Empire, many starving to death as their
cattle and graineries were looted. The Abbysinian soldiers were not
paid salaries and took their livelyhood by being freely allowed to
loot and pillage after victory on the battle field, guaranteed thanks
to Italian supplied firepower.

When the Abbysinian brigands were done Africa’s largest nation was
reduced to beggary and bondage with their Oromo town of Finefine
annexed and renamed Addis Ababa, capital of a Christian Abbysinia.

So to have a Muslim, Oromo Prime Minister is no small matter in
Ethiopia marking how much and quickly the times are a changing. Of
course Don Yamamoto is behind all this, he hasnt been the Ambassador
to Ethiopia all these years and now Assistant Secretary of State for
Africa and not learned a few things. Any one can see that the old
guard regime die hards werent going to keep a lid on the Ethiopian
social pressure cooker much longer and if the USA didnt act quickly it
may find itself a day late and a dollar short in terms of influence.

For the USA this is a nightmare in the making for Ethiopia has been
the main recipient of US military investment and the center of US
intelligence gathering in Africa and a local policeman on the beat in
service to Pax Americana in the Horn of Africa, through which flows
the commerce of Asia and Europe, the worlds biggest trading partners.

To avoid this the USA has ordered a change in course for their regime
henchmen with new faces being installed and promises of peace and
prosperity in the wind, especially peace with Ethiopia’s number one
nemesis and former colony, Eritrea.

To accomplish this veteran Horn of African  “diplomat” Donald
Yamamoto, now Assistant Secretary of State for Africa has instituted a
“soft coup” approach starting last year when the decision was made
that the old Tigrayan ethnic minority regimes usefulness was now a
liability. Brute force and the iron fist had only made the masses of
Ethiopian more resolute in their hatred of the regime and something
pretty quick had to be done or the situation could begin to spiral out
of control.

Hard cash from mainly the USA and the UK began to dry up, and the
squeeze was on. With a $13billion trade deficit buying critical
imports has become a robbing peter to pay paul strategy, and the
resultant shortages and inflationary pressures have only increased the
Ethiopian regimes isolation.

Under Trump the USA has seen reproachment with former arch foe North
Korea (arguably Asia’s only socialist country) and it seems Eritrea,
Africa’s only socialist country, is finding a much more friendly
reception at the US State Department these days.

The United Arab Emirates, who have built military and naval bases in
Eritrea (in open defiance of UNSecCouncil Sanctions) are said to have
Trumps ear and have been pushing for lifting sanctions and the
economic embargo against Eritrea, with peace with Ethiopia and an
explosion of trade for the Eritrean economy being a major incentive.

Now that the new Ethiopia regime leadership has announced, though not
yet implemented, adherance to the Algiers peace treaty and border
demarcation agreement the Crown Prince of the UAE has arrived bearing
$1billion of hard cash and $2billion in “investments”, an emergency
injection of liquidity for a hard currency strapped Ethiopia regime.

As for peace with their neighbors Eritrea has stuck to our demands as
detailed in the peace deal and border demarcation after the last
aggression by Ethiopia and until the letter of the deal is in place
Eritrea has said it has nothing to talk to Ethiopia about.

Buying time is what the USA supported by the UAE is counting on with
its new “soft coup” scheme for Ethiopia and the 90 million person
question is whether the Ethiopian people, lead by the Oromo’s,
Africa’s largest nation, will bite the American/UAE bait or tell Pax
American to go to hell and decide to break free from the Abyssinian
empire and declare themselves independent.

The next few years could see a leopard change its spots, as in the old
regime changing its coat. Or it could see a bust up of Africa’s only
indigenous empire, todays Ethiopia.

With the disaster called South Sudan to learn from so called
“independence” could be jumping from the frying pan into the fire,
with small, ill organized countries easy pickings for the circling
sharks lead by the United Snakes of Amerikkka, all to willing to
incite “black on black, African tribal violence” rather than allow any
truly independent African countries brought to birth.

Thomas C. Mountain is an independent journalist in Eritrea, living and
reporting from here since 2006. See thomascmountain on Facebook or
best reach him at thomascmountain at g mail dot com

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