Ethiopia:The ruthless and unripe policy of Abiy Ahmed and its impact to the region!

The diplomatic relation between Somalia and Djibouti is steadily worsening and dwindling after the Somalia president declared and requested the United Nations to lift the sanctions the Eritrean government. In the mean time, the Djiboutian ambassador to Somalia has released a letter which is expressed their decision towards the Somalia president’s calls. In this regard, the Djibouti government has a concern that Eritrea is occupying still part of Djibouti territory and also is denying that they are having Djiboutian prisoners. In a nutshell, Djibouti says:-

* Djibouti says “deeply shocked” by Somali President Farmajo calls to lift sanctions on Eritrea.

* The country said it would not “tolerate ruthless talks while our young men and women are yet here defending Somalia’s peace and stability.”

* Djibouti has taken issue with President Farmajo’s apparent lack of concern in pushing for resolution of its border dispute with Eritrea as he sought to restore ties with Asmara

Somali region (DDSI)

The premature reforms of Abiy became vulgar remark and hollow rhetoric, while his jubilation is ended bloodshed after last Saturday when the over speed leader ordered the federal troops to intrude the capital city of Somali Kilal (Jigjiga) and capture the president of the Somali region. In the morning, the federal military forces entered Jigjiga and seized the presidential palace and several important places including ESTV, but unfortunately, they encountered a drastic and resistance from the indigenous people which led to demolish several churches, Oromia bank and also plundered a huge business.

The other side of the coin, there was anti-protest against the newly elected prime minister, which was taking place in the Somali region for the last months, because Oromo ethnic group has been killing the Somali people who reside and live under their region including innocents, students, farmers, businessmen and others. In addition, Oromo is trying to capture some parts of Somali region, for instant (TULI GUULEED) is a district which is under (FAAFAN) region and it is far from their border and the Oromo militants entered the district by force and killed enormous people without prior conflict among them!. During those mourning days, the prime minister of Ethiopia which is originated from Oromo ethnic has acted so meek and mild, and he didn’t even criticize these brutality actions which Oromo is doing! The other shocking is, after the Ethiopian prime minister declared publicly that the federal government is allocated 5% the natural Gas (Oil) which has been found the Somali region notably Qorahey region, and this childness decision instigated the local people and deteriorated the relationship between the federal government and the Somali region.

In the mean time, Somali region (DDSI) was organizing before the attack of the Federal troops to the regions a convention which the indigenous people are deciding their future after they inherited a drastic violations from the Oromo ethnic group.

According to the federal constitution of Ethiopia denotes Article 39 of the Ethiopian Constitution stands to grant all peoples of Ethiopia the right to self- determination without any ambiguity. In this regard, many Regions including Tigray and Somali Kilal are trying to adopt and meet that political right. Last week Tigray kilal proclaimed that they decide their self-determination if the federal government don’t refrain its ruthless policy against the Tigray people. Additionally AFAR and Benishangul-Gumuz kilal said also the same expression. So, the immature policy of Abiy is deterring the citizens and leading a hopeless situation to the people.

Lessons learnt from the Somali Region!

Before 10 years, Ethiopian government tends to replace every Somali region’s president without informing and consulting the indigenous people and most of them puts in to the central jail of Jigjiga which called later subsequently (JEEL OGAADEEN).

But this new regional government which is leading by His Excellency president CMC led the Somali region unprecedented development and stability, albeit there are a lot of human rights violations. And currently the people of the Somali region rejected to accept to impose the Ethiopian government to the Somali region whatever they wants, and no more jailing the presidents of the DDSI without permission of the indigenous people.

Potential consequence of the current haphazard situation in Somali Region

* To offer further concessions the federal government to the Somali region, especially the Gas issue and to soften and to improve the relationship with them.

* To resign the prime minister in order to resolve the political instability which is existed since the new leader of Ethiopia was elected

* To allow the Somali region to decide their own future through referendum , because it is a political right which the federal constitution of Ethiopia gives the Ethiopian citizens

N.B. Somali region in Ethiopia (DDSI) is wavering currently the Somalia flag! And this is an alert to the Ethiopian government.

Anwar Abdifatah Bashir (Freelance Journalist and Independent Researcher)


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