Ethiopia:The ruthless and unripe policy of Abiy Ahmed and its impact to the region!

Ethiopian leader visits in Somalia in June 16, a day after he received the crown prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of UAE Armed forces Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan in Addis Ababa and discussed bilateral ties. And some people believe that this stunning visit of Ethiopian prime minister to Somalia is about mediating and thawing the relationship between Somalia and UAE which is steadily diluting and dwindling after the Somalia government stood a neutral role the Arab gulf crisis.


A landmark and milestone visit of newly elected Ethiopian Prime Minister Atto Abiy Ahmed in Eritrea in order to terminate its decades-long rival and at the same time to repatriate the relationship between the two countries, and this visit comes after 20 years of war and conflict among them. The other coincidence and stunning is by fully accepting a peace deal that ended a

two year border war between the two countries. Because Ethiopia became landlocked in 1993 after Eritrea which comprised the country’s entire red sea coast voted to leave.

Ethiopia and UAE

The UAE government pledges $3 billion to the Ethiopian government after the prime minister of Ethiopia visited UAE during last month on May. This amounts expressed UAE government that they allocated to use as an aid and investment in Ethiopia. In this regard, if I immerse this issue, UAE was one of the three Gulf monarchies that offered a lot of money to the new Egypt government after the military overthrow the former president Morsi from the Muslim Brotherhood. So, the question is, why Gulf States are supporting and financing Ethiopia? In my sentiment, the assistance of Gulf States to Ethiopia is politically motivated, because there is feud between Egypt and Ethiopia for sack of a dam which Ethiopia is building on the Nile, which Egypt fears threatens its water supplies. And in the mean time, UAE is trying to leverage Somalia through Ethiopia, because when DP world exiled Somalia, then the diplomatic relationship between Somalia and UAE is gradually worsening afterwards.

Ethiopia and Djibouti

Abiy , the Ethiopian prime minister visited Djibouti as his first foreign trip in May , so as to enhance and robust the mutual interest between the two countries and the horn of Africa region at large. So, what is the benefit of that visit? Despite the 100 million people and the fastest growing and booming country economically in Africa for the last decade, but they depend on imports, and Djibouti is one of the countries that Ethiopia depends on their seaports

Somalia and Eritrea

Somalia president his Excellency Farmajo visited Eritrea last month after he received an official invitation from the Asmara government. This visit was also stunned many people, because Eritrea was backing and financing the rebellion of the Somalia governments for the last two decades. Eritrea and Somalia have not had diplomatic ties for nearly 15 years but the visit is expected to open the doors for diplomatic relations and new cooperation between the two nations and this unprecedented visit is heralding a new era of relation between Eritrea and Somalia. But the stunning and shocking was, when the Somalia president Farmajo calls to lift the sanctions the Eritrea government! And this premature decision triggered and freaked out the Djibouti country. Apart from that, this new relationship and diplomatic thaw between Somalia and Eritrea has remarkable advantages to the stability of the region and it is lucrative action, because it gives Somalia to stay away Asmara its support and financing the dissidents of the Somalia government, because Eritrea tends to host the Somalia oppositions for the last two decades.

Somalia and Djibouti

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