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Ethiopia’s TPLF leader faces US sanctions, travel ban

US Congressman Mike Coffman pushed major sanctions against Ethiopia’s main governing party on Monday, the toughest in its 27 years of rule.

The US congressman demanded that the Trump administration impose the Global Magnitsky Act on Getachew Assefa, the executive leader of the TPLF ruling party for two decades. The criminal Getachew is currently hiding in ethnic Tigray state of Ethiopia since the arrival of the new ethnic Oromo Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. In addition to human rights activists, Getachew’s former colleague, the Somali region leader Abdi Illey, has exposed the “state terrorism” tactics and the mass atrocities ordered by this TPLF leader.

Many Ethiopian activists have celebrated this big shift in US policy. Congressman Mike Coffman has been working with Ethiopian activists who live in his state of COLORADO for many years, especially since 2015 when mass protests began rocking the country.

An injured protester waits for help after several people died during the Irrechaa, the thanks giving festival of the Oromo people in Bishoftu town of Oromia region, Ethiopia, October 2, 2016. REUTERS/Tiksa Negeri

Activist Lulit Mesfin celebrated the decision and she said, “The Hon. Mike Coffman ,a great friend of Ethiopia & Ethiopians has done it again. Principled leadership at its best”!

Other Ethiopians said the decision by the US Congressman is a warning to the new Oromo rulers who are also persecuting non-Oromos like Amharas and Somalis in Ethiopia. Another Ethiopian activist and journalist Teshome Borago said “This is great news for human rights & a warning to OPDO thugs like Taye Dendea targeting #Ethiopia nationalists”

The OPDO is the infamous Oromo sub-ruling party belonging to the current Prime Minister Abiy which has been recently accused of killings and mass detention of Addis Ababa youth. But OPDO is divided between the moderate Abiy camp and an extremist OLF faction. The extremist Oromos want to annex Addis Ababa, Dire Dhawa and other cities by accusing people of being “foreigners.” Both Addis Ababa and Dire Dhawa were historically settled first by Somalis before the massive migration of Oromos in the 16th century.

This week, reports from the ancient Harar city confirmed that Somalis and ethnic Hararis are under siege by the OPDO rulers who are renamed ODP and using Oromo youth to ethnic cleanse Harar. Many Somalis have already died by Oromo extremists.

After Oromo militia killed many Somalis between February and September of this year, the Oromos have now imposed a puppet in Jigjiga and switched their attention on killing other tribes around Addis Addis, which they call “Finfinne.”

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