Ethiopia's Afar police kill 11 Somali pastorals in Ma'ayso * somalia, World News and Opinion.
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Ethiopia’s Afar police kill 11 Somali pastorals in Ma’ayso

MOGADISHU, Somalia – Ethiopia’s Afar especial police soldiers have randomly shot and killed nearly a dozen Somali pastorals after an attack carried out in Ma’ayso town of Somali region.

Mawlid Kalinleh, a witness says heavily armed Afar police had seized small villages in Ma’ayso, after a dawn attack, leaving 11 people dead.

Most of the massacred people are said to be from same family, according to Kalinleh.

He says Afar is a region which neighbors with Somali region.


The horrible attack is believed to have related to long-standing boundary ownership conflicts.

The victims’ names have been identified as follows:

1. Cige Faarax

2. Aadan Cige Faarax

3. Cali Furre Faarax

4. Cabdillaahi Ducaale Colle

5. Axmed Ducaale Colle

6. Boodhle Xalane Faarax

7. Xuseen Jaamac Barre

8. Sabban Geeddi Suge

9. Cige Rooble Muuse

10. Aadan Caateeye Dharaar

11. Xuseen Dirir Cige

He says the police armed with AK-47s and machine-guns also abducted dozens of unarmed civilians, including elderly men, women and children.

The victims were reportedly taken into disclosed detention cell.

The police also carried out other ambush attacks on Madane area of Ma’ayso and Dan-la-helay districts.

The troops set fire on several small villages, while abduction and intimidation still continue.

Ethiopian authorities are yet to comment on the latest dreadful incident which left 11 unarmed civilians dead.


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