Ethiopian troops under AMISOM flee from Baladxawo fleet of Ethiopian peacekeepers under the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) withdrew their presence from Baladxawo in Gedo region after intense clashes broke out yesterday. Almost as many as an entire contingent was reported to have fled the town early this morning.

Witnesses described to mareeg media that several battlewagons  have  arrived in the town and the Ethiopian troops boarded the vehicles before fleeing. Motives for the sudden withdrawal are unknown, and many residents are questioning whether another battle will break out soon in Baladxawo.

Yesterday, Interim Jubba Administration militia that have been reported to take direct orders from Ahmed Madobe entered the town by force and engaged in a lengthy combat with Ahlusunna Waljamaaca forces and soldiers of the Somali National Army.

Senior Ethiopian commanders were unavailable for comment nor have they released a statement explaining the pulling out of their peacekeepers from Baladxawo.