Ethiopian police foil 'major Al Shabaab terror plot' in raids — somalia, World News and Opinion.
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Ethiopian police foil ‘major Al Shabaab terror plot’ in raids

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia’s federal Attorney General Berhanu Tsegaye says its police forces have foiled a coordinating terror attack in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa.

Tsegaye says the terror plots were thwarted after a joint work of security and intelligence while speaking to media in the capital.

He said the all Al Shabaab suspects were arrested by Ethiopian police in the capital and were then taken into police station for further investigations.

The scale of the planned terror attacks would have been vast and severe, he said.

Tsegaye added that preliminary evidences suggest suspects were engaged in acts of taking pictures of selected places, preparing detailed attack plans, as well as preparing various ID cards and foreign passports.

“Further details into the investigations of this allegation will be provided in due course”, he said.

However, Ethiopia’s federal Attorney General Berhanu Tsegaye says the nature of the attack indicated links with “foreign terrorist groups”, separate and detailed investigations with other partners were needed. However, preliminary investigations indicate links to ‘Al-Shabab’.

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