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Ethiopian PM addresses participants at ‘Addis Weg’ platform

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in addressing participants at the ‘Addis Weg’ platform, described the discussions as an opportunity to collect our spirits from the streets and bring them to the room; our power from stones and sticks to ideas; and letting go of our baggage to move towards collectively building Ethiopia.

In explaining manifestations of our political breakages, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed identified the following as key societal challenges that need to be collectively addressed:
1. not being conscious of others beyond individual and group interests
2. not delivering in equal measure to what we demand
3. thinking in extremities
4. not making linkages between past, present and future
5. dismissing profession in favor of activism
6. not valuing and taking stock of what we’ve achieved so far
7. media not being aware that they are in the process of writing history in their daily reporting; and
8. lack of social media ethics among users

He concluded by asserting that one of the administration’s commitments is rooted in ensuring a true electoral democracy and creating a conducive environment for it.

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