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Ethiopian army intervention in the Ogaden, Somali region.

August 05, 2018– August 04, the Ethiopian army intervened militarily in the Somali Region‘s capital Jigjiga. Occupying all important regional Government buildings.


Theycut off electricity, water and internet services. Due to blockade on the region the number of  casualties on the civilians are unknown. Sources indicate dozens reported killed others
arrested and tortured by the army. The well being of the regional Governments
President and Parliament members are


unknown. For the last 27 years, the region is under huis clos war between Ogaden National
Liberation Front (ONLF) and the Ethiopian Government. Restrictions on movements
and access to it, deliberately imposed by the Ethiopian Government while civilians
suffered different kinds of human rights abuses, collective punishment, extrajudicial
killings, rape, resource exploitation and illegal property confiscation committed by the
army and their allied Liyu Police militia owned by the current regional president but  trained,



equipped and payed by Ethiopia. The arrival of the new Prime Minister Abiye Ahmed and his promise of good governance has not yet benefit to the Somali people in the Ogaden. The epicentre of the conflict between Somali people and Addis Abeba Authority lies in the systematic denial of the central Government of the exercise all fundamental rights by the Somali People in Ogaden. The region is the richest while its people are the poorest.. Ogden
is the only region, where its representatives are chosen by the Ethiopian army, the
yesterday’s conflict was related to this.

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