Ethiopia:Heart-breaking: Puntland arrests,tortures 15 Somali Ogaden deportees Puntland Administration has arrested and severely tortured 15 undocumented
Somali deportees from Saudi Arabia on Friday.
These 15-young men were trying to return to Ethiopian-Occupied Ogaden region by way
of Puntland after they were deported from Saudi Arabia ,but Punt-land security
forces arrested and tortured these young men in Garowe, jail.
According to local sources,Ethiopian agents are interrogating these 15 young men
that hails from same Somali ethnic clan of ,Ogaden,and may likely to be handed over
to Ethiopian security forces.
Puntland,which shares a border with Ethiopian-occupied Ogaden region has been
repeatedly handing over Somalis From Ogaden region to Ethiopian Security forces over
the past 5 years,that have been detained, tortured,executed in this way or coerced
into confessing or naming family members accused of supporting the Liberation
movement, The Ogaden National Liberation Front ,who were in return arrested,tortured
and killed.
Relatives that contacted us,fear for these young men’s safety and urged Puntland
Administration to release them.
Ahmed Abdi